Cup 2

Black Americano. Ethiopian beans from Pret-A-Manger.

If you’re walking down the streets of London and you can’t see a Pret, are you really in London?

Apparently not, statistics gathered in 2014 would suggest. When the data was collected, London hosted 187 stores which accounted for 67% of their trade. But I decided that data wasn’t recent enough, so after talking to their customer services I found that as of January 2017 there are 214 Pret-A-Mangers in London. I was also informed there are 338 outlets open across the UK. So I suppose it is only right that they feature immediately in my coffee blog.

As a vegetarian, I am a little bit in love with the senior management at Pret who decided we deserved a more extensive lunch time option. I think I have eaten enough egg mayo sandwiches to kill a person. I have not yet declared my hipsterness enough to visit the Veggie Pret that “broke the vegan internet” but it is right up there on my New Years resolutions list, along with wear matching socks.

The Pret Foundation Trust have been promoting their work with helping the homeless over Christmas through their London stores. The website showcases 35 charities that the foundation actively supports, along with the grassroots charities that are “bringing hope to the homeless”

Pret will continue to be a favourite of mine, especially because one time I walked into my local one on southwark road at 7:00am. I was awakened by the sound of my alarm just 4 hours after I had finally fallen asleep, and after dragging myself out of bed, I discovered my housemate had finished off my coffee. Tears in my eyes, a black jumper dress and pumps completing my classy morning attire, I ordered an extra shot black americano. I am not sure how the poor guy understood me, because words fail me that early in the morning, also I’m pretty sure all I did was snarl at him… Anyway, he had that coffee in front of me faster than anything, accompanied by the only words every girl wants to hear… “It’s on the house”. Joy in my eyes, I didn’t know if I should laugh or cry, but I decided this kind guy didn’t deserve to deal with me having a breakdown on him, so I smiled and walked out. I now ensure to tip him whenever I see him, knowing in essence he is the stranger that saved my life.


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