Cup 3

French Press Black Coffee. Truth Roasting Coffee Beans. (F.t Mug from Urban Outfitters, Vase £8 from IKEA)

Its official, as of this morning valentines day email promotions are upon us. With 19 days to go, and no partner in sight for the 21st year running, I felt the need to brew my coffee in an empowering mug, brought as a birthday present from my Nan.

It’s easy to be single in London, because you’re never required to do anything in pairs. In fact London culture encourages confidence in riding solo, as long as you do it at a fast pace. My dream for valentines day is to boycott a restaurant by getting all my single friends to reserve a table as “dinner for one”. I think it would be a beautiful sight, on the most romantic night of the year, tables filled with the intimate relationship between a Londoner and their mobile phone.

My day begins with empowering coffee and a massive tidy up. I’ve always considered myself to be a “calm in the chaos” type of person; but in reality I’m just lazy and mess doesn’t bother me. However, when wading through my floordrobe this morning to make coffee I decided enough was enough. So I’m tidying reluctantly, and clearly its not going well, because I’m procrastinating on here rather than hanging up the millionth load of washing.


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