Cup 5

Medium Black Americano. Beans from Hell.

Sheer necessity is the only reason I purchased this coffee. Beans burnt and almost as sour as the customer service. It is only through daily commuters not organised enough to prepare flask coffee in the morning that station shops stay open. I am sure of it.

After a long morning of reading and aimlessly wandering around my university I remembered I had promised my family I was coming home to Maidstone for dinner. After researching train times, I knew I needed to be at Elephant and Castle for 4:30. I have done this journey at least 30 times, I know how long it takes me to get to the station from my house, its 14 minutes. But, I also know that if I run its only 9 minutes… So, at 4:19 I am running. Typical for Thameslink services the train is delayed and I make it (just).

Sat on the train I realise 2 things. First is that I have survived the whole day without coffee, the second is I now DESPERATLY need one. Subsequently I am the unorganised commuter forced to suffer for her caffeine fix.

Typing this post I will give the coffee one credit, they didn’t hold back on the caffeine. Eyes twitching, my brain is functioning something like this:

I wonder why they still put no smoking signs on a train, why do they still announce that aeroplanes are no smoking, I want to go on holiday again, I should go on a coffee themed holiday, BRAZIL, wow I need to save, ooooh or I could buy an expensive coffee machine and Brazilian beans….

And so on…


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