Cup 6

White Americano. Italian grind.

A wonderful dinner of wild mushroom risotto accompanied with an Italian Chardonnay. It was lovely to see my family again. Although my brother morphs more into a Maidstone stereotype each time I see him, citing “you can take the boy out of Maidstone, but you can’t take the Maidstone out of the boy.”

I would beg to differ. However once he begins to interview for jobs I’m sure he will pick up the missing syllables from his sentences again.

Back on the train home now, holding back from open mic night at the local pub with my parents. Although if they were actually going to sing I would have stuck around.

Today I had to go in for testing with my university. They were testing my for dyslexia, which I don’t have. But the test was so obscure. The woman spoke so slowly. One of the mental arithmetic questions went like this “if Jim can bake 2 cakes in 31 minutes how long does it take him to bake 12 cakes?”

Now I can do that math. And I can do it pretty fast. However, by the time she had finished asking the question my brain had already gone “2 cakes in 31 minutes, carrot cake takes longer than that, I’m really hungry, maybe I should make a coffee cake, 12 cakes… 186 minutes, yeah coffee cake with almond icing”

But what you have discovered there is that I’m ADD and not dyslexic.

In my personal opinion everyone is on the ‘spectrum’ in one way or another. I’ve found that dealing with people is much easier if you put their weirdness down to being on the spectrum. I think it stops you being angry with their strange behaviour and allows you to just accept that it’s one of their quirks.

The fun part is trying to figure out what little things put you on the spectrum. So far I have determined that I’m weird about my clothes being in colour order, everything must be hand written before it’s typed and I will not work in an office that thinks instant coffee is acceptable.

I though the last one was just me being a coffee snob, but then I was round a friends house who offered me coffee, and my eye began to physically twitch when she pulled the Nescafé from the cupboard.


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