Cup 7

Sage Espresso. Truth Coffee Beans. (Ft Disney Mug)

This morning my new baby arrived. An all shiny, all exciting Sage coffee machine. Purchased only because of insane amounts of student discount, but 3 weeks with my cousins superior model had spoiled me in the way of morning coffee.

My version of this beautiful coffee creation turns my already ground coffee beans (featured DeLonghi coffee grinder) into an espresso. I normally drink my coffee black, but this machine also includes a milk steamer which I will endeavour to learn how to use at some point.

The coffee was beautiful, so much so that if I didn’t live in the capital city of coffee, I would probably never leave my house again. For a first time user, I am pretty excited about the fact that this baby now lives in my studio. In fact, I may have totally re-designed my entire studio around getting the bar to sit next to a plug socket, so this coffee machine now sits centre stage in the room.

I admit that this impulse purchase, even with discount, will mean that I am eating rice and beans for the next month. But who cares right?! I am now (hopefully) going to be excited about getting out of bed in the morning, which will be useful with university semester 2 beginning tomorrow.


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