Cup 8

Home Made Latte. Truth Cafe Beans. (Ft a Paintbrush)

What does any self respecting woman do during a touch of heartache? We decorate.

Feeling a little desperate to do anything other than lay in bed and watch movies like “he’s just not that into you” I decided to re-decorate. This process began yesterday and was continued this afternoon once I had figured out how to use the milk steamer. It took several attempts, mainly because when its warming up it sounds like a dying cat, which freaked me out and ended in me switching it off and running away, in fear it was about to explode.

Coffee in hand, the painting commenced. Listening to a band called Amber Run I began to paint the perviously blue metal work a matte black, with the goal of hopefully turning the window dividers in my studio into a massive whiteboard.

I have always loved decorating, especially in a space where I have unlimited options. As a child I was always moving my furniture around my box room. This room is very flexible, but I am trying to figure out how to fit my new desk in. I think re-decorating is kind of like Tetris for adults.

I have a feeling this process is going to take more than 1 coffee to finish (she types, wiping paint off arm onto forehead).


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