Cup 10

Black Americano. Scooter Cafe. 

Really smooth coffee in a cute little space just hidden behind Waterloo station. Walking through the graffiti tunnels with a friend to his recommendation of a good coffee shop. I have been here before, his personal preference for the extensively stocked bar also featured in this quirky space.

The seats are all unique, couches and chairs mingled with tables which all look older than me. A word of advise, check the table before you sit down, some sway with the breeze. We got settled downstairs, dimly lit but very comfortable space, fairy lights strung along the ceiling. The staircase is petrifying. Just so you know.

There is also an outside seated area, this is where I remember being. Although very drunk, so I cannot give you any more details than “yes, I have been here before…”

The whole street is quite hipster, featuring several book shops and coffee stations. Some very strange fixed seats which were all positioned around the bins. But within walking distance from my house I like it.

Although despite the fact that I am still grumpy about this British weather, I was up for a walk today, because my new Fitbit Charge 2 arrived. I have no clue yet how to use it, but after downloading the app, I strapped it on and headed out to meet my friend.


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