Cup 9

The Normal. (Ft Avocado.)

My breakfast also included toast and hard boiled eggs. But this is possibly the prettiest avocado I’ve ever seen in the UK. Normally “ripe and ready” means hard enough to knock someone out. I have a beautiful system where I buy avocados about a week in advance, sit them next to lemons, then they will be ready for a salad next week Wednesday.

Getting your period 9 days early:

Advantages: All of the chocolate you consumed recently now doesn’t count (period calories DON’T count) and all the crying you did is totally justified. Also, this is just you bloated, you’re not actually going to have to start running to work every day.

Disadvantages: All the people who have been outrageously rude towards you over the past week, you now have to apologise to. Because it was 100% you feeling hormonal and over-reacting.

On a less depressing note Uni begins today. It is always exciting to be back however my first module is titled “People and Organisations”. Discussing this with my cousin, an incredibly successful entrepreneur cited “Contented cows produce more milk. Now stretch this out to a degree (length) syllabus”. I am afraid he is going to be correct. Also in the module guide are words that will send shivers down any academic students spine; “assessed group work” *shudder*


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