Cup 11

Black Americano. The Coffee Works.

Concluding our mini coffee outing we finished up at The Coffee Works Project on Blackfriars road. A contemporary coffee shop, with clean concrete surfaces. It is the perfect venue for a business meeting, with tables that can seat to 8, or just coffee with a friend.

They also make amazing coffee. My friend ordered a chilli hot chocolate, but on my mission to caffeinate I ordered my usual, black americano. As the waiter delivered it, he asked me if I needed milk, when I replied no I thought he was going to hug me saying “thats what we like to hear”. Someone had clearly had too many customers ordering a soy-decaf cappuccino.

Getting colder by the minute I then walked home. Brushing shoulders with many grumpy Londoners all filled with dread about what the weather will do next. The other day when I popped out to buy a paintbrush for my DIY session, out of no where it started to hail. Now, in my opinion hail is just really aggressive angry rain. Which hurts, and forced me to run, which I never like. Anyway my mum was coming over for a sleepover (cute, right) and we ended the day watching Hidden Figures, a new film which I highly recommend!


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