Cup 12

The Usual. Ft Zara Blanket.

Another beautiful coffee produced by my awesome toy. Surrounded by possibly the most colourful thing that I own, the blanket. This is a beautiful blanket I brought with my best friend Isabelle out on a shopping trip in Westfield. It was obviously in the sale, because Zara home is really no place for a student budget (made even more obvious by the fact that they do not offer student discount *cries*)

Now I like to shop don’t get me wrong. However not in London and certainly not during Christmas. So I very tactically did all of my Christmas shopping online, on Black Friday WITH student discount. I was so proud of myself, a real adult move I decided. However in the Spurr of the moment I decided to take a trip in the outside world to get something for my brothers girlfriend. Isabelle said she would meet me at the Stratford Westfield. Which, for those of you who haven’t been, is, without a doubt, the SCARIEST place in the WORLD. With just days to go before Christmas, I have never seen so many (aggressive) people packed into such an insane space. The place is larger than most international airports, it is unbelievably easy to get lost. The average age of the shoppers must have been about 16, and the sheer volumes of them was a thing of nightmares.

I wanted to get underwear from Victoria Secret. I figured thats a pretty cute present to get someone. However, my bra size means that I never shop at VS, because they simply don’t stock my size, and I also don’t have £100 to spend on a bra. Now let me tell you something. Victoria Secret, NO SECRET. There were so many people. Young girls running around with their small boobs. Sexy teenagers shopping for g-strings thinner than I’ve ever seen. Bewildered boyfriends staring at price tags and trying not to look at the insanely hot models strutting their stuff down the catwalk, that was being projected EVERYWHERE. I found something that looked nice and ran to the till. The interrupted till service was rude to say the least, and just as I was paying the woman said “did anyone help you with your shop today?” I looked upon at her, physically shaken due to the stress of this experience, looked her dead in the eyes and said “someone could have helped me?!”

So in the card to my brothers girlfriend I wrote “Here is your present, I almost died buying it for you. If you don’t like it thats totally fine, here is the gift receipt, but you have to return it alone, because I am NEVER doing that again…. all my love x”


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