Cup 13

Black Americano. Fair-trade RedTail Ethiopian Beans.

My morning coffee comes with much excitement. In a bid to turn my life around I started this morning with yoga. A terrible tutorial of an annoyingly hot American yoga instructor pushed my though a 40min workout, but I hate to admit I feel great. I also have the first session of Business Economics 2 today, with a tutor I had last year and love.

So, still in my pyjamas I clutched my coffee, excited for what the day would bring. Featured on my left wrist is my new Fitbit. I am really loving it. However yesterday during lunch hour, I received a phone call. Normally, this is not a daunting process for me. However, my phone call came through on my iPhone, and my MacBook and my Fitbit. All of a sudden I was a vibrating mess, and with all the confusion it took me longer than usual to actually locate my phone to answer the call. Safe to say all eyes were on me. Has technology come too far?


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