Cup 14

Black Americano. Fair-Trade RedTail Ethiopian Coffee. 

Continuing with the self-renovation work. My afternoon coffee sits next to some beautiful IKEA parts. When the delivery men arrived today with my new desk and chair, they walked into my bedroom and said “wow, quite a showroom you’ve got yourself here”.

They weren’t kidding. My whole bedroom is IKEA, the only things that aren’t IKEA are probably not mine. I love the whole process of IKEA. From walking around the showroom to the simple instructions that although easy enough for a chimpanzee to follow, give you a huge sense of achievement once an item has been completed. Obviously disregarding the 3 odd screws that you convince yourself are just “extras”.

So, I managed to set the desk up all by myself (very proud). Now moving onto the chair. The one item which is practically assembled for you. There is a total of 4 instructions. The first one may as well be “take all the stuff out of the box” 2) “but item ‘a’ into the ‘a’ shaped hole in item ‘b’ 3) Put the seat on the legs 4) Sit on your chair.

However, after completing all the steps, I sat on the chair, tugged on the handle to adjust the seat height, but nothing happened. After trying to fix this several times, I have given up, and sit typing this blog post with my chin resting on my desk, accepting this is forever how I will sit. My osteopath won’t be impressed.


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