Cup 15

Black Americano. The Gentleman Barista. 

Coffee and politics. Meeting with a friend from uni for coffee this morning. We wandered down in the drizzling weather to visit possibly my favourite coffee shop. The gentleman barista is tucked down Union Street, in-between London Bridge and Borough tube station. The place was packed with young professionals, two people sat on the sofa conducting an interview, the people sat next to us had obviously contracted someone in to come and help them with their website.

It smells of coffee. There is water with lemons and mint on the tables, in general just a lovely place to sit. We discussed the ‘Fees Must Fall’ movement in South Africa, Donald Trump, Gun Violence, Brexit and Books. Business and economics students we always have a lot to talk about.

I have currently got a reading list the size of my leg. All sorts is catching my attention. My current favourite is called ‘The Flat White Economy’ by a very well respected economist called Douglas McWilliams. The book is about London and the digital market which has boomed around EC1 boosting Londons economy. It also talks about coffee. Hence why I picked it up to start with. Can hipsters really save our economy? 


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