Cup 16

Black Americano. Cubana Waterloo.

The second coffee trip of the day was to meet my friend, who has recently located offices to very near my house. On a wander around Waterloo I suggested we go to Cubana.

I have been here before, for Mexican food with my cousins. The place is very cool, lots of different levels, means the inside is kind of like a maze. The theme is bright colours and lively music. We sat up on one of the platforms to order coffee.

Catching up on all the gossip I had missed during my break and going on to discuss our plans over the next few weeks. The coffee was really good, service was slightly slow, but we were there at a peculiar time, I think its really more of an evening vibe, but I would recommend it anyway.

I then came home and quickly ran back out to catch the train to go and see my cousins. At the station I grabbed the Financial Times, some water and a pen to update my diary and ran onto the platform. Its always fun going to see my cousins, tonight I was babysitting for them. The oldest is 2, and the youngest celebrated his 7 months on the 1st of the month.

I didn’t get home until late. Staying up a little longer than usual to finish some costume design I’ve got happening for afrikaburn. Pictures yet to follow….


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