Cup 17

Home made black Americano. (Ft Paperchase mug – Left, Cape Town Market mug – Right, Various Economics Books)

When me and my best friend (other Lauren) were 7 years old, our parents brought us 2 Tinkerbell matching diaries. On the first page of the diary, we were instructed to create a lucky number together. To do this, we much both pick a number between 1-10 and add them together. Lauren picked 7 (because we were 7) and I picked 10 (because it was the biggest?!). Since that day both of us have sworn by our lucky number, 17.

It feels appropriate that my 17th post is a coffee myself and Lauren (now room mate) shared together. Post tidying our room even more, and building even more IKEA furniture we sat down to share a coffee in our matching mugs we brought each other as gifts.

We have been best friends for our whole lives. Many photos of us being entertained by a Red Box we used to sit in, our lives are documented together through various embarrassing photos in outfits so outrageous, its glaringly obvious our parents were raised in the 80’s. Now living together we share everything. Including an inability to keep on top of our laundry. She studies architecture, and I used to be in the fashion industry, so almost everything we wear is black. Our wash ratio is about 6:2:1, blacks-colours-whites respectively.

I have never laughed so much as when I have been living with her. A true best friend. Both vegetarian and attempting to live a gluten free life, we also share a deep and intimate love of hummus. Today after a food shop, the hummus and carrot sticks were lying on the table as we snacked and tidied. I was lingering by the food, something began to slip off the surface, and with fast reaction time but serious lack of coordination, instead of catching the falling item, I plunged my hand straight into the hummus…


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