Cup 18

Emergency Americano. (Ft. Free Chocolate)

With barley enough time to get myself dressed before my shift on Saturday morning I certainly wasn’t organised enough to make my own coffee. So at Waterloo station I grabbed a coffee from Pret. As I was wandering towards platform 15 to catch the train to Putney, I saw what can only be described as the 7th wonder of the world. FREE CHOCOLATE.

For whatever reason, Cadbury’s had chosen this blessed morning to promote their brand. No new products, just the classics, buckets of chocolate. Ladies stood handing it out to the happiest faces I have ever seen at a London station. It certainly doesn’t make for a healthy start to my day, but there was no way that at 9am on a Saturday I was going to walk away from free joy.

As I had left the house in the morning, I said, out loud to my roommate “I think I might actually have everything?!” she replied “no way, what a miracle!”

I think it is safe to say I was incredibly mistaken. Once I arrived at my shift (A small wedding at the beautiful venue Hedsor House) we set about organising everything before the champagne reception and dinner service. Before the staff briefing we went down to get changed, and I discovered I had forgotten one thing. My trousers.

Surprisingly people don’t tend to carry spare trousers. So I had to do the whole shift in my sports leggings. Luckily they were black and I hope that the apron covered it up, however the mesh patches on the back of my knees were a slight give-away. eek. I was so humiliated that my Fitbit informed me that whilst stood still I had a heart rate of 112. Apparently I don’t deal with embarrassment that well!!


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