Cup 19

Black coffee. (Ft Cat)

Sipping on coffee at my best friend’s parents house back in Maidstone. After a long day of lectures, I rushed (again) to catch the train back home. I was so excited to see my second family. I was coming for dinner, but we all have pretty specific food requirements, so the were certainly too many cooks in the kitchen as we each prepared our own meal!

Food was awesome. Catching up with them is always so lovely. It doesn’t feel weird at all to go home and totally dodge my actual blood related family. However, same as last time, after only 5 hours I was back on the train, escaping Maidstone as fast as physically possible, headed back to my real home in London. Where the air is dirtier and the water more cloudy… true home comforts.

One advantage living away form home, is that I can leave my house in a trendy black outfit, without needing to first roll gaffer tape over your entire body to remove all the cat hairs. Tights are the worst. I remember leaving for secondary school and wondering why I even bother to shave my legs, when without fail I turned up at school every day looking like a yeti.


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