Cup 20

Home Made Coffee. (Ft exciting things)

The time of year is fast approaching where amidst my economics lectures I find myself daydreaming about parties in the dessert.

For the third year running I have secured my ticket for Afrikaburn. A festival that happens in South Africa. It is a festival revolved around radical self expression and reliance. It is the only place in the world where I will ditch my black attire for a sequin bodysuit.

It is quite possibly the best place ever, and its certainly where I am most happy (and most drunk). It is about art and fashion and colour. It is an awesome place. So I sit now sipping coffee surrounded by sequins and gems, planning costumes!

After that my friends came over for a drink and some food. It was awesome to see them, and I thought while they were here… maybe one of them could fix my chair. Sure enough, Tom turns it over, pulls the lever and BAM. Fixed. So slightly embarrassed I am now sitting at a much more acceptable height at my desk. To his amusement, I cannot have the chair at it’s highest because my feet can’t reach the floor. I promise, I’m not that short.


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