Cup 21

Black Americano from the Home Office.

Coffee and Policy. This afternoon I went to a talk given by Economist Gian Paolo Ansaloni who works at the home office. After being advised to avoid bringing small sharp metal objects with me, I arrived outside the Home Office, freezing cold from the walk. Once clearing airport style security the small group of us sat on the sofas, feeling very unimportant and underdressed.

We were escorted to the meeting room and told not to leave unaccompanied. I managed to persuade the lecturer we shouldn’t start before coffee, because I had to blog about this!!

The talk was fascinating. A really interesting opportunity to learn about the future an economist could have working within the public sector. The group activities included addressing the London transport issues about cycle safety, especially around Elephant and Castle (specifically tailored to us of course). I felt very proud that I was managing to hold my own with the second and third years, myself being the only person who showed up to represent the first years.

Under strict instruction to avoid the B word (Brexit- all economists are sick of it already) we then moved the discussion to the pub. After several drinks and some provocative discussion later I left to go and meet other Lauren. We had tickets to see Aladdin at the Prince Edward Theatre, it was awesome, even from sky high seats the performance was phenomenal. Awesome Christmas present, thank you!! (Also, The Sultan re-tweeted my tweet about the performance, so I drift off to sleep feeling much more important than I did at the home office)


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