Cup 23

Starbucks coffee (Ft. Mysterious Wall)

Due to stuff with the people, I am not supposed to write about where I work. So here is a vague photo of a wall that includes my coffee.

I know how I feel about Starbucks. In my mind there are a few positives: 1) They will give you up to 6 shots of coffee which is more than anyone else 2) They offer a lot of the extra crap, if you’re into that. However the coffee often sucks, and it costs about as much as my rent. This coffee however was very nice, and brought for me by my awesome manager at my time of need.

This weekend included some insane adventures like salsa dancing and 2am walks around central London wrapped up in all the coats I own. Therefore at 11am, on a Sunday, at work… I was in desperate need of coffee, and no matter what I think about Starbucks, at least it isn’t instant coffee.

Back on my runs now, feeling fitter already, however this illusion will quickly pass when the stiffness kicks in. However, leaning to divert my run away from the usual route (which was FAR too cold now the real winter has begun), has led me to discover some new coffee shops. None of which I have visited yet, however all around St.Paul’s area. It appears the coffee shops I am after have determined their target audience to be the young professional, with area locations normally near a central station or a predominantly business orientated area of London.



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