Cup 24

Black Filter Coffee. La Dirina Providencia – El Salvador

With a cold sparked by too many days swapping morning coffee for evening whiskey, I wandered to work feeling very sorry for myself. Sore throat, runny nose, the full unattractive works. It suddenly dawned on me that maybe the reason I look so rubbish is because ALL of my beauty treatments need updating.

Normally this wouldn’t bother me, but I am about to be surrounded by a whole bunch of VERY attractive people (more secret work stuff) and really I should sort myself out. I found a place close to work, called Hair By Fairy. It comes very well recommended however my trust for someone touching my hair is so small it can’t be measured. So I booked for eyebrows and eyelashes, to figure the place out.

Safe to say, I LOVED it. Quirky salon and friendly staff. So I left with eyebrows on fleek, and decided I needed coffee. Wandering down the street I found this place called Monmouth Coffee Company. Once researching them I have realised they’re actually considered one of the best coffee shops in London. However, the reason I went inside was because as I wandered past, the smell was so beautiful.

I simply could not walk past without trying that coffee, which smelt like colours. Very small shop, but totally worth it. I sat outside that shop on the little bench, clutching my coffee deciding on my next move…


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