Cup 25

Black Instant Coffee. At Hair by Fairy.

…. my next move turned out to be a haircut. After leaving the salon with brows on fleek, I decided I simply couldn’t go on with hair that didn’t match.

5 mins away, I turned straight back and went in to have my hair worked on by the salon fairies. They cut, coloured and blow dried me into a version of me that was about 1000x better than the one that walked in.

Kindest staff, I had the best experience. Walking home with hair bounding off my shoulders feeling perfectly majestic.

This week life has been a bit crazy. Uni is picking up the pace, at about the same time that work exploded; combined with the never ending boy drama I’m just about ready to pack my bags and run away.

It is exhausting for my poor brain. I spend my morning trying to understand how the derivatives of dx/dy explain the slope of a curve. I spend my afternoons running around trying to accommodate an entire crew, exhausting all the smiling power I have. Then I spend my evenings wondering why he didn’t message me back, or if I even care?

I am over it really. Breaking point is a line on the horizon that lies far FAR behind me. However if I am going to focus my energy on one thing, the decision is easy. It is going to be my education. As much as boys can be great (😏) and money is amazing (🤑) realistically my degree is the winner (👩🏼‍🎓).

I have never understood the students on my course who don’t engage. I understand that being an overachiever/teachers pet doesn’t make me the most popular girl in the class. However already being on drinking terms with my lecturers and turning up on time to lectures also doesn’t exactly put me out. After all, I am paying £9,000 a year for this, I wonder sometimes how the cool kids sat at the back will feel when their student debt increases when they have to re-take a year. On a course thats relatively easy to pass as long as you do the reading… anyway their problem not mine.

Speaking of teachers pet, I’m running for President for the Economics Society! (yeah I get it, mega geek)


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