Cup 26

French Press Black Coffee. (Ft Plants)

It is my personal opinion that if your day begins with bad eyeliner, you should just go back to bed and start again after a nap. However with no student having the luxury of time, myself and my roommate ran out of the house this morning, equipped with a French press and vacuum packed coffee.

I was on my way to join her at her university. Escaping the bright colour madness of London South Bank into the much more angular concrete decor of Greenwich. I know a handful of the people here, and both my best friends attend the uni. I sat down to begin some crazy economics. Today I am tackling game theory (think less Tomb Raider and much more the existence of mixed strategy equilibra in two-person zero-sum games)

Another perk of being a student is the sever lack of finances I experience at the end of each month. Hence the portable coffee maker. We went and filled up the coffee maker downstairs (Lauren made me carry it, because as an outcast it doesn’t matter if I look weird, but she of course has street cred to maintain)

The pay slip comes in next week, and couldn’t come a moment sooner. Being an Economics student I really should have more control over my personal finances, but hey, at least I’m not into an overdraft? (Just >¬£32,000 in debt from learning about the economic effects of an overdraft)


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