Cup 27

Flat White. At Caffe Vergnano 1882.

After the most blissful morning of doing basically nothing I decided to venture out of my house onto the streets of London. After the storm which blasted through London yesterday, today the skies were clear. I even wore my sunglasses.

Feeling the most rested that I’ve felt in weeks, springing out of bed was easy. Made a little easier by the fact that my room is currently like a sauna. The building I live in is owned by a university and used to be a nursery school. This means that the boiler is on a timer, set to go off over the “school term holidays”. This means until we over-run it, it can be FREEZING cold over Christmas. However, currently the boiler is on, and won’t turn off. The radiator controls seem to have broken, so although our laundry is drying like a dream, its February and we have to sleep with the windows open on top of the covers.

I needed to go to work to pick up something I had left last week. So I took a wander into central. I love walking in London, I put on some cheery music and let my mind fumble around trying to make sense of my life as it currently stands. Today my thoughts were consumed by the essay I need to write entitled “an idea to change the world”. I need to write it from an economic perspective, and this topic is fascinating!

After picking up my things I needed to get home before my shift starts later. However I was in desperate need of coffee. I stopped off at Caffe Vergnano to caffinate. Straying away from my normal Americano to a latte, because I felt like drinking it fast! Take-away coffee but I lingered on the bench outside to re-organise myself and as I did so, a good friend of mine came past!

So we sat on the bench while I drank my coffee and chatted about more things caffeine related. What a great start to the day. Shift at the London Film Museum later, which doesn’t finish until 2am, so I’m sure more coffee is to follow.


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