Cup 28

Coffee and Economics.

I sit in my bed trying to focus on my work but also thinking about a million other things. For once in my academic life, I am totally up to date with coursework. In fact, I am even spending my time working on extra assignments. I wonder if this is because I have FINALLY got my sh*t together, or if it’s just because I’m actually enjoying the content of the course! Either way, the relief of being able to spend my day as I please without worrying about the burden of a forthcoming deadline is spectacular.

So on this blissful day I spend the morning sipping on coffee in bed. The in the afternoon I went for a walk around the Tate. A wonderful space to inspire so0me creative drawing, I particularly liked the feminist movement of artwork all over the 4th floor. From the Tate I battled the blistering winds staring at the thames flowing furiously. Without wanting my hair to literally fly off my head, I headed home to get ready for the concert.

Over the Christmas break I introduced the band Amber Run to my parents. They fell in love and we booked tickets. It turned into a family event, concluding with myself, mum, dad, brother (George) and my two best friends (Isabelle & Lauren).

The gig was at the awesome venue 02 Forum in Kentish Town, we headed down there at about 7:30pm. We all met at a funky burger joint called Dirty Burger and ate our weight in veggie burgers with sweet potato fries. From there we ran in the rain to the concert.

Drinking beer and wiggling our way to the front, it was such an amazing evening. The band were phenomenal, the music was really beautiful and the guys in the band were so grateful to have us as an audience, that we really connected with the emotions they were delivering. An awesome night concluding with an eventful tube journey home. Thanks to all that shared it with me.


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