Cup 29

Black Americano. (Ft. Sofa)

As an eventful pancake day took over the evening yesterday, lent begins as the sun rises. As you probably guessed, I’m not giving up coffee.
Last night was all sorts of funny, ranging from a dramatic flip of the ingredients bowl, as for the content of our mixture to end up on the floor and all over Lauren. To a very tired Lauren wrapping herself up so aggressivly in the blanket she fell out of bed.

Today started with a little less drama. Got up and went to my lectures, which were good fun. But we were reminded of our first assessment next week, which set the class into a crazy panic. Despite always knowing when the test would be. These were the questions that followed:

Q: What will be in the test??

A: what you have learnt in the last 6 weeks

Q: will what we learnt today be in the test?

A: yes

Q: will we be tested on things we haven’t been naught yet

A: no?!

At this point the lecturer got bored and left, I mean seriously how much confusion can one assignment cause?

Anyway, once that finished I went home and got changed and headed straight back out. I had a voluntary lecture entitled “the economics of revolution – Russian Revolution 1918” which I found on Eventbrite.

The suggested route was the tube, getting off at Old Street. Very easy journey, I just jump on the Northern line. However I hate Old Street station with a passion. It doesn’t matter where I’m going, I get out on the wrong side of the roundabout, and no matter how hard I try, I then go the long way round to get back on track.

However I made it! After wandering through some quirky side streets with the rain confusing my poor phone. I was welcomed in and offered a coffee (which I of course accepted) and then we took our seats for the lecture, which was totally fascinating!!


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