Cup 30

Black Americano (Ft. Very white shoes)

Hey Ive got some new shoes on and suddenly everything right. Well, with blisters.

My favourite white nike shoes had seen the last of their days, now a more dusty grey colour. I love them so much that I decided to treat myself to a new pair. These shoes however are blinding bright white. Walking through the streets of polluted London my shoes were grabbing the attention of every passer-by.  I am pretty sure they were the cleanest thing in London.

I was walking to the Covent Garden Apple Store because I needed to fix my charger. The charger had broken and wasn’t my fault (surprsingly). I needed the charger to be able to do my work, so when they told me there were no appointments available until the next day, I wasn’t going to take that. So my solution was to linger and chat to enough members of staff that they eventually gave in and replaced it for me. Job done.

I walked home in my sparkling shoes which were now giving me blisters (as all new shoes do). Attempted to tidy the never ending mess which is my bedroom, and failed miserably, by discovering a draw that I forgot existed for a while, and proceeded to discover a whole manner of “lost treasures”, including mainly some very valuable hair grips.


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