Cup 31

Long Black. The Department of Coffee and Social Affairs.

A bit of a back dated post. But a few weeks ago, myself and Isabelle went on a bit of a walking tour around London. She needed to do some UNI work, looking at an art gallery or exhibition, and I needed to do anything other than sit at my desk and stare at numbers.

Taking a walk-through Covent Garden, we obviously made a pit stop at this famous coffee shop. Some of the prettiest and strongest coffee I have had in a long time. Almost espresso sized this little coffee was a drop of heaven, and powered me through the rest of the day. The d├ęcor of the shop is cute and clean. Bare wood counters with funny posters on the walls. A charming place.

From there we found our way to Makers House. This is where I have been working for the last few weeks, feeding the crew who created the Burberry Show. It was an amazing opportunity for me to be able to see the finished thing, with the clothes displayed all over. Isabelle also decided this could be her exhibition, so we spent several hours wandering around taking many photos. I feel a particular attachment to the place, watching something that incredible being built.

Also, then watching it being ripped down. The de-rig began and within hours the place was unrecognisable. After we all went for a drink at the local pub. Such an amazing crew, always thankful for them to have me on board. The backstage Burberry family.


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