Cup 32

Well.. almost

Coffee in a hotel is always a concern for me. If I find myself staying in a fancy hotel, then the experience can be somewhat pleasurable. However, in the majority of Premier inn & Holiday express type places, your un-caffeinated morning body often faces this… the tray of disappointment. Unless you like to drink black English breakfast tea, nothing good can come from this tray. Instant coffee sachets which, even if I could stand to swallow, don’t even hold enough coffee. Then they have a decaff sachet, which honestly I have no idea why that was even invented. If you are drinking instant coffee for pleasure, and not for sheer necessity you need to re-evaluate your life. Then UHT milk, which just shouldn’t be a thing.

I really will never understand why it is so hard to get a French press and a mini fridge for real milk into a room. But anyway, my coffee disaster did not end there.

Running downstairs to the complimentary breakfast is always a happy time for me and my family. Notorious for eating the breakfast of kings, my dad, brother and myself are always geared up for a 3-course breakfast. However, I have been living in London for almost 2 years, and my day simply does not begin without coffee. But, oh joy, there is a Kenco coffee machine downstairs. However; when my options are “latté, coffee, cappuccino, hot chocolate” my heart already begins to sink. I select coffee and watch as the mixture pours from the machine. I don’t even need to taste it. Just the smell informs me that this is the same instant cr*p which I found in my tray of disappointment upstairs.

I was forced to eat my breakfast without coffee, which upset me on such a deep level. I then informed my family I would be unavailable for conversation until we ventured to an adequate coffee shop.


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