Cup 33

Long Black, South Africa

On a grizzly morning that will no doubt turn into a beautiful day in Pearly Beach, Cape Town I sipped on my coffee.

Lovingly made by my cousin in her Kitchen Aid machine she insisted credit for her manual labour (Thankyou Tracy, Queen of caffeine). A family gathering at the beach house brought a clan of us here on Friday. 7 of us cooked and drank and built sandcastles. However, there are 4 of us waiting it out before returning to the city, and Wi-Fi. This is because our loving Landrover decided to totally die. We are somewhat stranded here until Landrover gets it sorted!

Not that any of us mind that much. The gaming boys got first dibs in the early bird car seats. So, left here are my 2 cousins and little baby boy. He is bringing joy, and structure to each day, as us ladies cook and clean around him. Playing with sand and water like it’s going out of fashion, and being soaked every day by an over-enthusiastic splash of water!

This holiday to Cape Town is always relaxing, but Pearly Beach compared to London is something else. Replacing sirens with the soothing sound of the ocean and the grumpy commuters with the occasional barking dog.

The only thing that drags me slightly back into reality is sat staring blankly at my notes on paasche and laspeyres indices.



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