Cup 34

Soy Latte, Constantia

On a clear morning we headed out to grab some breakfast at the beautiful cafe in Constantia looking out over the mountains and a vine yard. I had already had 3 coffee’s that morning, but I had to order another one simply to be able to write about how beautiful it was there, consequentially significantly raising my blood pressure, so, you’re welcome?!

Sat outside enjoying the view, my little cousin running around with his play rake having a great time in the leaves. I had my eyes on the puppy that had appeared a few tables down from us, cutest thing ever. The day was magnificent and then the cloud cover began.

First a small splattering of rain drops covered us and the table, being British this didn’t bother me too much. However when they didn’t stop, and even the baby seemed to be getting annoyed at being wet, we decided to move inside.

Much less of a view, however a quaint little place with a beautiful suspended fireplace. I ordered sourdough toast with poached eggs and avocado which was awesome! Shortly after finishing the sun came back out and the rain vanished. Not that anyone begrudges the rain here at the moment. Water levels in Cape Town have become critical, with a serious drought taking place, worth researching if you haven’t heard about it yet.


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