Cup 35

Cappuccino at Primi, Waterfront

Determined to go out for lunch, we set off to the waterfront which is kind of like town centre. Now, in Cape Town public transport isn’t really a thing that exists. Talking to friends using the trains to commute to Uni or work, it is pretty normal for trains to be running 45 minutes late.

As a consequence of this everyone drives. The thought of public transport breaking down in London and every commuter replacing the journey with their own car petrifies me. However that is the reality in Cape Town. My cousin leaves the house at 6:30am to ensure he can complete what should be a 15 min journey in under 2 hours to get to Uni.

With the prospect of public transport improving a distant dream, the only solution to in attempting to reducing the number of cars on the road is to car pool. A little bit of a sales pitch really, but my cousin and his business partner have created a genius way of making car-pooling an actual reality here. The app is called uGoMyWay. Most people reading this will be living in London, but as someone with a personal interest in the Economics of Transport, check out their website. Car-pooling could be the future to many congestion issues.

Think about it.


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