Cup 36

The way you like it. Black and Strong please.

As my 6ft something cousin proudly orders his hazelnut latté, its 7:00am and I have already been awake for an hour. I cannot imagine putting anything else into my body other than a very strong black coffee. Apparently I am not the morning person I used to be.

We are now upstairs on the balcony of Oscar’s university campus. It is a stunning view (As you can see) over the buildings and the sun is just starting to come up, casting a beautiful pink glaze over the skyline.

It is such a great adventure for me to be at another university. Especially one that is all the way across the world. I sat in on Oscars Marketing lecture, and we even use the same text book, just a different edition!

All of my cousins friends are wonderful, we sat on that outdoor balcony in the scorching sun having such a great time talking about classes and holidays. I am very jealous that he has made all of these great uni friends. Makes Cape Town feel a little closer together.

I am not sure what else to write about really, we went for lunch at a lovely restaurant where we drank beer and prepared for Afrikaburn. Oh and I told the group a whole array of embarrassing moments I have had, including “three strikes and you’re out” man.


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