Cup 37

Afrikaburn. Black Coffee.

I am going to take this as an opportunity to apologise for the lack of recent posts. From exams to holiday and back into exams it hasn’t left much time for blogging, however I can assure you it has been a time filled with coffee.

This first post is going to be about Afrikaburn. A festival held in the Tankwa desert, this is where I spent the last 10 days of April. It is a festival filled with beautiful art, sculptures and vehicles, and certainly any pyromaniacs dream.

I have been for the last 3 years now, and I go with my family from Cape Town. It can only be described as a phenomenal experience that means so much to me. Myself and my friends spend an incredibly intimate time together, dancing and chilling in this radical self-reliance environment.

I hope that I am able to go every year to this beautiful festival, but talking about this year particularly, the theme was Play. Myself and my friends spent a large chunk of time in a place called “Aliens Café” which is a comfy space with sofas and shade chilling. Oh and of course, there was coffee. This photo was taken in aliens, after a hard morning of sitting around and thinking about all the things we should be doing.

Upon arriving back from the desert, where we have had no cell service or running water for 10 days, I jumped on a plane back to London. By “jumped” what I mean is literally crawled. It is called a decompression, the adjustment back into society after an experience like that. It is hard enough decompressing in cape town, but in a matter of 48 hours I went from desert to the London skyline. What a shock to the system. It has taken me until now to finally accept I am home and settle back down into my normal life of Uni and work.

With only 2 weeks left of UNI however I am very excited about the summer I have to follow. In fact, I’m pretty excited about what this whole year is going to offer me…




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