Cup 38

Black Americano – CitizenM

No words can describe the pain that my feet are in. Over the last 7 days I have done well over 140,000 steps. Working in events is exhausting, and as every waitress will tell you, the pay cheque is never worth it.

What makes me continue to kill my feet and stress myself out then? There are 2 reasons I stay in hospitality. The first is the Chefs. Working with a chef is always an interesting experience. When they arrive during set up they’re all so friendly, then service begins and they become a shouting raging monster machine, which, promptly after service turns back into a smily happy normal person.

It is rather confusing, but I could never complain. The food that I serve to the guests is always so magnificently presented, and I have never cleared a plate that hadn’t been scraped clean. It doesn’t matter how stressed the managers are, or how many times you get told off for doing exactly what you were told, serving the incredible food will always put a smile on my face.

The second and last reason is the guests. Of course sometimes guests can be unpleasant. However there are some that make it all worth while. With my training in jewellery, I love weddings. Just being a part of two peoples happiest day is so awesome. Plus, I get to see all their engagement rings!


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