Cup 39

Iced coffee – All the caloriesIt’s time people. You can officially have coffee cold in England without seriously increasing your risk of pneumonia. Stepping away from my usual black Americano, I got my dairy on as I treated myself to an iced vanilla latte.
My first day off since I got back and I cannot explain how nice it is to stroll down the streets of London. I’ts the first time in weeks I have travelled any slower than a light jog.
Huge smile on my face I downed that coffee like it was my only life source! If you looked close enough you could see the tears of joy welling up in my eyes, determined to appreciate every second of this precious time off.

Where my life is now filled with hosting events for other people, it seemed only right to throw myself a party on this glorious day. I am now heading home to cover my room in tacky decorations and stock up on plastic cups!

I am getting a lot of wolf whistles today, and normally the feminist inside of me would be furious. However, after living in waiting uniform where even the most attractive person in the world would look vulgar it’s actually lovely to feel seen! My job is to blend into the background so I think I can safely say I have strutted down the streets of London today.


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