Cup 40

Coffee on the train.

Another abysmal attempt at creating a black americano at the station. However after being awake at 6am in a house that doesn’t “do coffee” (I know right?!) I was once again left with no choice than to inhale this almost coffee substance.

Why was I up at 6am on a bank holiday Monday, you ask. Well upon drunkenly agreeing to venture on a bike ride with my good friend Andy, Canterbury was the only place in the UK where it wasn’t supposed to rain. So we jumped on the train and chased the sun out of London to the quiet picturesque town of Canterbury.

My bike seat decided that it didn’t want to stay fixed on. So with genuine fear in my heart, we got off the train and navigated our way to a Halfords. Once my bike seat was securely back on, we brought a picnic from M&S (because we are British) and made our way to Blean Forest.

It was utterly beautiful, to cycle with the wind in my hair and the rustling of leaves in my ears. Andy, sensibly wore biking uniform, where I settled for ripped jeans and a crop top. I can tell you right now, that I will not get on my bike again without those snazzy padded leggings; because today, my ass HURTS. Wincing out loud as I sat down on the train today, much to the amusement of my fellow commuters.

But despite the fact that my bottom is totally bruised, I am so glad I got out the house, it was a truly beautiful day!


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