Cup 41

Coffee at IKEA.

Lounging on the sofa, our day could have gone one of two ways. But after becoming captivated with a Pinterest image Lauren, Nathalie and myself spontaneously sprang off the sofa and ventured out of Southwark to the IKEA in Wembley.

IKEA, as you well know, is definitely my happy place. Surrounded by unnecessary amounts of kitchen equipment and cacti, you cannot wipe the smile off my face. We brought the cheapest lunch ever, and sat down to enjoy the coffee. This coffee was so good that we actually purchased some IKEA coffee beans, which I am sure I will try tomorrow morning!

Getting a trolly was 100% a mistake. The trolly slowly began to fill up. 90’s style mugs, champagne flutes, martini glasses, wine glasses, spatulas, candles… you name it, IKEA’s got it and its in our trolly.

Then we reached the cacti. I swear to you our eyes lit up, as each of us scurried in the direction of a various spikey green things. Lauren managed to find the most vicious looking Cactus, which we have named Vernon. I settled on a mini tree and a few smaller potted items. I am sure we will manage to kill them within a month, but its the good intentions that count, right?

Vernon (the cactus) made for an interesting journey home. Managing to make all 3 of us bleed at one point we sat on the tube back home, people standing a little further away from us than usual. Trying to not accidentally stab a stranger with a plant is not our normal commuting experience, but we alighted without incident, which was commendable for certain.

All unpacked in our bedroom now, we tidied up and feel very proud of ourselves. Its kind of an adult step buying plants and wine glasses… but I feel we counteracted it by well, being us.


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