Cup 42

Coffee with Explicit Language.

Now normally, when constructing a blog post I would use creative language, and avoid using swear words. However, today must be the exception to this rule because there is no equivalent in the English language to describe today other than;

Today, was a shit show.

Lauren and myself were up and out of the house for 9:00am. We walked 20mins to go and collect the zip car. This walk was perfectly pleasant until we were almost killed by 2 bags of sand flying out the back of a passing lorry. But we reached the Zip Car, all limbs attached.

For those who don’t know, Zip Car is a company that allows you to rent a car for a day, where you unlock the car through an app on your phone. After previously experiencing issues with this, it was a great relief when the car unlocked and we could get on our way to collect our colleagues in Putney.

Arriving at Putney was fine, Lauren (driving) noticed that the biting point was a little strange, but we didn’t think much of it. We left on time from Putney with all 7 of us ready for work at Northbrook park, which is about an hours drive away.

The driving was smooth apart from Lauren’s road rage occasionally kicking in. Until we were about 10 mins way from where we needed to be. Suddenly the car couldn’t make it up the hill. Her foot was flat on the gas in 3rd gear and we were crawling. Then the engine light came on. There was no where for us to stop, so with our hazards on we climbed the hill and managed to pull over in a coach parking space.

We got out the car, and all we could smell was clutch. There was something leaking out of the car, and the engine was so hot. We are now late to shift, so I have about 100 phone calls to make, to ease the situation. First I get Lauren on hold with zip car, waiting for a solution from them. Then to our manager for the day, to organise someone to come and get us, then to my company to explain everything.

The two guys from the event came and collected up, however with Lauren still on the phone to zip car, I had to leave her. Alone. In a coach park.

Safe to say that made me feel very uncomfortable. So when she called me to say that someone was coming in a few hours to get the car taken away, I was relieved to organise a taxi to get her safely back to me and the rest of the staff, where we now had guests arriving.

The shift was amazing, as per usual. Incredible managers, with chefs that use inappropriate humour to make you laugh all shift. During shift I get a text to say taxis have been arranged and money is transferred. PHEW!

Then I get a call from the taxi company to say the 7 seater that had been sent to collect us has blown a tyre, and what do I want to do about it? I said “No, you tell me what you’re going to do about it” I am in the middle of shift and don’t have time for this, so logically he decides to send 2 cars… great like I really care?

Shift finishes, and then Lauren checked her messages. She has a very rude voicemail from someone who came out to the car saying he has fixed it, she is probably a bad driver and just overworked the clutch, and we needed to go and collect the car.


No. Now I am back on the phone, zip car, my company and the taxis. Trying to work out what to do, but the solution is that this is no longer our problem, and that we shall get in the taxis to go home. Again, phew.

Taxis couldn’t find us, but we were finally sat in the car. 5 staff in the first car and the 2 of us in the other. Staring out the window of the car, decompressing what a day it has been, my blood pressure finally drops down to a safe level. Then… I receive a phone call:

“Hi Lauren, its Danielle here, just thought I would call you because the clutch has blown in our car, and smoke is coming out of the bonnet and we all had to get out of the car, and we are stuck on the side of the road”


So we pull up behind them when we catch up, and now I have got 7 staff, on the side of the motorway, with a smoking car and its getting cold. Back on the phone I go. To the taxi company who have to arrange another taxi from somewhere else to come and collect my staff. We waited for 20 mins on the side of that road. I am laughing because I think its important to keep moral up. However to be perfectly honest, if I hadn’t have been laughing, I would have been crying.

All my tolerance points had been used up for that day. Finally we got into the new cars, and got driven home.

Tomorrow is a new day friends, lets enjoy it.


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