Cup 43

Coffee & Elections

Tonight, just as tradition states, myself and Lauren sit up together in bed. Scoffing on pizza, admiring our food babies, watching re-runs of Masterchef… and most importantly live following the election results.

Off we trotted to cast our votes this morning. Proud of the awareness and contribution we are seeing from our fellow students for this election. With it never being more important to play your part, and be active about deciding who will affect your future, London has shone through as a hub of well educated young people, who are very pro-active in ensuring they are educated on the situation.

Proud Londoner.

We shall see how the rest of the country holds. Polls can only show so much, I am sure that this election will be the hot topic for a few weeks now amongst my friends.

It is hard for me to concentrate on writing an educated blog post when my food baby is kicking. We just ate TOO much pizza (not that thats really a thing) however its a great tradition for us to stay up, so the sugar rush we are about to experience will be worth it.

That mammoth coffee I am drinking was a bargain for only £2, and I managed to snap a photo the only time the sun shone over London today. The bright pink cup lifted my spirits, and even if it hadn’t, the coffee was strong enough to make even the most extreme coffee addicts hands shake!



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