Cup 44

Coffee and diamonds

Sat in my happy place. The centre of Hatton garden. What a beautiful day I have spent wandering around sourcing and building the foundations for an engagement ring. The sun shines down on me as a quench my addiction with this iced Americano from EAT. 

Also rather proud of myself that after having a beautiful sapphire gifted to me by my amazing grandparents on my 18th birthday, 3 years later I’m finally setting it into a ring. So excited to see the final result! 

I was feeling a little sensitive this morning after partying hard with the Greenwich architecture crew, who launched their exhibition last night. All of their work was phenomenal, and to see Lauren’s work up on the wall and in the university book, safe to say I’m a very proud best friend. 

If I was going to exhibition my work for this year, it would be a beautifully framed equation that I learnt to prove. Might still bring a tear to my eye… but it’s nothing on the captivating work those architects slave away all year to produce. 

So to reward them, we drank. The poor bar across the road was definitely not informed that they would be hit with a mass of students thirsty for alcohol last night. They were so understaffed, and the waitress inside me felt very sorry for them. The student inside of me wanted to drink. 

It’s safe to say all the photos on my phone this morning are slightly blurry memoirs of a night definitely worth remembering. 


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