Cup 45

One Coffee; Two Wines

I have to admit that for every sip of this coffee, I was taking two gulps of wine. This photo was taken from the view at the Sky Garden, on top of the walkie talkie building in central London. Even if I may have prioritised the wine, the cup was too beautiful to not get the opportunity to write about.

My friend managed to get last minute tickets to go up there, and during this mini heat wave London is experiencing, there was no better way to spend my day. If you haven’t been to the Sky Garden it is definitely worth the trip, a lush garden with beautiful bars inside.

Talking about bars… that is how the rest of my day rolled out. After deciding upon an entire bottle of chardonnay for our visit that was only 1 hour long; we jumped straight on the tube and headed over to Canary Wharf.

Here we went met up with some more friends and spend a considerable chunk of the day in The Giant Robot, filling up on more wine and mojitos. Basking in the sunshine and feeling slightly tipsy I was a very happy girl.

Less happy when the hangover kicked in at about 9pm. However, after a tactical nap I felt much better. I love London in the summer, it’s like all the people here remember how to smile!


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