Cup 46

Coffee and Doodles

This photo is taken on the train to Edinburgh.   I was on my way to visit a new friend that I made at afrikaburn. I have been heavily anticipating this trip.

As much as I love London, every so often life gets a little stressful here, and I am no stranger to an escape to Scotland. The hotel was booked and I had intentions of walking around and enjoying the weather for every possible second.

So, as I sat in my first-class seat (£2 more than standard, whaaaaat?!) I was so prepared. I had brought food for my 5 hour journey, however turns out they offer complimentary breakfast. Never willing to turn down free food, I happily requested the vegetarian breakfast.

I ate the food and started to doodle. About 3 hours after I started to feel really unwell. I wasn’t sure if it was the wine from the day before, or perhaps just the excitement getting the better of me.

I pulled into the station and was met by my friend. We went to a pub and all of a sudden I could feel it happening. I ran to the bathroom and was very sick. Food poisoning. The vegetarian gets food poisoning for the first time in my life, on my 2 days off.

I was continuously sick for about 12 hours. It is a good thing my new friend turns out to be the nicest guy ever, just chilling with me whilst I felt very sorry for myself.

Later that evening I decided to use the pool in the hotel, and the water was amazing. Made me feel a lot better!

(…Continued in next post)


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