Cup 47

Coffee in Paddington

I am honestly not sure when Paddington got nice, but it has. I ventured here to meet my friend Clara for a coffee before she got the train to Heathrow.

This coffee shop is called Beany Green, it is part of the daisy green collection. I ordered a black Americano, triple shot in this fantastic limited edition cup. This was the first coffee I was able to have in 3 days, and although declaring I am not officially addicted to caffeine, I have never been happier to burn my tongue than when sipping on this.

Wind blowing as we sat with the view of the canal, this quiet corner is officially my new haven in London. It is a shame Paddington is such a long way away from where I need to be at this point in my life, because honestly the whole vibe there was awesome.

Now, normally on my rare days off, I strive to move as little as physically possible, some days I’ve seriously considered crawling to the bathroom just to avoid being on my feet. However, I am always reluctant to take public transport when it’s hot in London. So, after getting Clara on a train, I decided to walk home. Which is a really freaking long way. Also, I had no idea where I was going. Managed to figure that part out and joined up onto oxford circus, where I got distracted from my mission home for shopping!!

I have not shopped in a really long time, mainly because I have no money, like ever. However, I needed the air-con breaks, and managed to grab a few (cheap) top from New Look.

Mission accomplished I was in desperate need for food. Still recovering from my un-wellness, I am trying to avoid large meals. I called Lauren who was with our friend Nathalie and we met up on the Southbank and ate lunch at a place called Ping Pong. It was really lovely food, vegetarian steams buns and steamed broccoli. You know when you’re hungry but you’re not sure what for, then that absolute satisfaction when you eat something and realise IT WAS THAT! Know that feeling? Well, that was me after that meal.

I walked home and watched a crappy film and reflected on what a wonderful day off that was.


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