Cup 50

Coffee with a view. 

After what can only be described as a mildly traumatic journey, it was the most exciting feeling to celebrate my 50th cup with such a stunning view this morning. 

I arrived in the evening last night, so I had no idea I would be waking up to such an impressive view this morning. After sleeping for a solid 10 hours, I’ve never felt more refreshed. Hand-grinding the coffee beans from Kilimanjaro then sitting on the balcony, was the first time I actually thought, wow I’ve made it! I’m in Tanzania!

Turns out Mwanza had its own snapchat filter, which surprises me because the village that I’ve seen so far is a long stretch from London. On the drive last night, the streets were littered with motorbikes and very old cars. I saw cattle being herded into someone’s driveway, dogs asleep on the little concrete bridges crossing the stream that ran along the highway. Faint sounds of modern house music floated through the air, playing from various sound systems, which totally didn’t fit the vibe I was getting. But it was an interesting journey! 

This morning I’ve been reunited with my little cousin, who was delighted to see me, immediately covering my in water with the hose and insisting I play in the sand pit! This afternoon we are going to head into town, I’m determined to get a tan so I’m now going to go and relax outside! Seriously excited about what the rest of this trip has to offer me! 


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