Cup 51

Coffee and Adulting

This beautiful cup was hand stamped by my good friend Myles, in the pop up coffee shop round the back of Canary Wharf station. This coffee comes with a very adult meeting with my new roommate and then an even more adult house viewing.

I didn’t manage to post much while I was in Tanzania. The catch up is, the trip was amazing and a very different cultural experience for me. The journey back was exhausting but I am glad I was there for my cousin, considering the first half of the journey included getting a taxi to a military hospital and having the taxi driver bribe a doctor to sign paperwork, while someone held the plane for us until we came back.

Anywayyyy…. Only me, right? But I am now home in London and life is getting serious. After almost 2 and a half years of living in my beautiful Library, the time has come for us all to leave. I am very excited about moving in with my best friend Isabelle, I am NOT AT ALL EXCITED for my rent to basically triple.

But its happening, the biggest sigh of relief that we have officially reserved a flat for next year. Ohh and in other news, I officially have a new job. Working for one of the most luxury events companies in London, I am so excited to start there. To build a relationship with one company and be part of a well oiled team excites me no end.

So, UNI will begin in about 2 months. Relieved not to have to do any resits, when my results finally came in and I managed to get a 1st this year. Pretty proud of myself, although I am well aware this year will be a massive step up.

New job, new house, new savings account, new year at uni. Coffee and adulating… nailed it.


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