Cup 52

Coffee and a mess

The mess which is my life.

No, that’s a lie, in general my life is pretty great. But my morning was certainly messy. You know the feeling…

“How is it even possible that I slept through all 7 alarms, I don’t even have a social life I was in bed by 10:00pm?! Oh whaaaat, did I forget to put mascara on, great now I look like I’ve been punched in my very pale face. Right I should be fine as long as I catch the next bus *turns corner to see bus driving away* … F*UCK.”

Proceeds to trip and spill boiling hot Americano all over my own hand. Tripped on my own feet, and burnt myself, literally.

Anyone know that feeling? I really hope someone does, or otherwise I am more alone in this world than I realised. Although my disastrous morning did create quite a beautiful mess.

Describe your life in one phrase:

“A beautiful Mess”


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