Cup 53

Coffee with Patterns

How beautiful is this. The golden coffee on the linear design mug and plate set from H&M, with the signature IKEA rug in the background.

I sat on the floor drinking  my coffee, feeling very adult that I had an actual matching cup and saucer; but also immediately removing the saucer to minimise the risk of me getting coffee on it and therefore reducing the amount of washing up I needed to do. Like a real adult.

This coffee was my one moment of OCD in what honestly was a room of chaos. I am currently in the process of moving house, and starting to discover that I am definitely a harder who has just enough draws to conceal the situation.

Pulling out items that I totally forgot I owned, and immediately feeling so attached to them, rather than just throwing them out. I have been lucky enough to live in a beautifully large property for the last 2 years. But the reality of moving to a Canary Wharf 2 bed flat has hit my closet hard. I must have donated half of my clothes to charity, and I still have mounds of stuff.

Honestly I am an equal balance of excited and petrified of moving house, But I really should get back to packing, because I am clearly procrastinating… lets see how many boxes it takes to pack up my life.


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