Cup 54

Coffee with food baby

Resting on the gate to the imperial war museum I took this photo pretending not to be frustrated that I missed my bus… ¬†again.

I have decided to name this the unlucky bus stop, because I have never been there at the right time to catch the bus. But anyway, gave me a moment to enjoy the view.

My life is basically a massive mess right now. Literally. I am living out of boxes as I try and fail to pack my life away in preparation to move house. It is almost impossible for me to decide what to take and what to throw away. I spend hours wasted as I discover new things that I forgot I owned. I am useless.

My new job is going well, but my inability to organise any other aspect of my life is becoming frustrating. This frustration is coming out in my eating habits. Let me explain them to you… if I can see it, I want to eat it.

This month I am going to Venice for Isabelle’s birthday and I have the wedding of my cousins. Both highly anticipated events in my diary, both reaaaallly not needing the food baby I am growing that I have decided to name Gilbert.

I mean seriously, I need to learn some self control, but apparently I have none. So instead, I have Gilbert.


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