Cup 60

Coffee and Moving Day

I think I have mentioned that I am still running behind on blog posts. So I actually moved into my new place just over a month ago. However the whole experience of moving house was so deeply traumatising I felt I should write about it.

So, this coffee was a “Congratulations Lauren, you’re an idiot” coffee. I woke up on the Monday morning, exhausted from a long weekend at the wedding. Only to discover I had already PACKED my coffee machine. This meant I had to actually put on some pants to get my caffeine fix.

Disappointed in myself for such a lack of forward thinking I trudged to the closest coffee shop, a journey I made a few times that day.

My Dad came and helped me, along with several friends throughout the day. All of whom were absolute heroes. Turns out I have more shit than even I knew was possible. Even after throwing bags of things away, it took just over 14 hours before the move was complete.

During the day I was feeling really unwell. I think I put it down to exhaustion and some pretty intense emotions of leaving my awesome Library. But no, Tuesday rolls round and I am hit with a virus out to start the apocalypse. In three years I have not taken a sick day from work, I was forced to take off the whole week.

Monday comes and if I’m honest with you, I was so excited to be going back to work. I had not unpacked a single box because every time I stood up I thought I would throw up. But I was bored stiff of staring at my bedroom walls (I had also finished all the TV series I was watching).

So little fact for you, statistically its Men in their 20-30’s who typically collapse on the tube on a Monday morning because they hit the booze too hard over the weekend. Well, that Monday it was me.

I had managed to get the DLR to bank, but then those steps up to the Northern line were a bit much. I stood on the tube, and the next thing I know I’m on the floor. Ive never fainted before, so when the lovely strangers on the train were helping me up, my face must have been the picture of confusion.

The station manager very kindly called work for me, as it took 35 minutes before I was able to stand up off the platform and get myself into some fresh air…

As a consequence of missing an entire week of work, I have then panicked and worked EVERY DAY since. Meaning, that after 1 month of moving in… I still haven’t unpacked!!


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